This is our current herd sire, JSF Forewarn 156K.

Beef Cattle

Breeding Program

Stonebarn Shorthorns is made up of purebred Shorthorn and shorthorn Plus cattle along with a few commercial type angus cows for crossbreeding.   The bulls used both in natural breeding as well as A.I. are from proven registered herds such as Paint Valley Farms of Millersburg, Ohio and Jungels Shorthorn Farm of Kathryn, North Dakota.  Selecting bulls from programs such as these with EPD’s and history to back them up has proven to show on many fronts. The calving ease, calf vigor, quality of calves, replacement heifers, and carcass quality produced here will stand up against any breed.  Farming goes back 4 generations on this family farm with shorthorn cattle being the most recent addition in 2009.   We are located in Conestoga, Pennsylvania just East of the hills that line the breathtaking Susquehanna River.


Our cattle are fed on rotational grazing, forages harvested such as high quality grass hay and rye baleage. Speltz, a type of small grain, is used primarily to finish the cattle that go toward our freezer beef program. Speltz is not used as commonly today as in years prior but our beef cattle finish well from this protein-rich grain and it flavors the beef in such a way that one has to taste to believe! Also, with the cattle being raised here from birth, we eliminate any question of prior mishandling or stressors which can also affect meat tenderness and overall quality to the consumer.

This is our past reference sire, PVF Renovation 2F.

The Cuts

We have traditionally worked with Appel Valley Butcher. For your convenience, they pick the cattle up from us.  You can view their Facebook page here for more information. Appel Valley will contact you to explain the cuts and work with you to determine the details of your processing.